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Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology.

1:1 Coaching is all about helping you Move Forward.

Increase your effectiveness, achieve what’s important & increase your positive impact by Exploring & better Understanding the following 3 key areas.


Overcome Barriers to Performance & Productivity

Is something holding you back- but you can’t put your finger on what?


Reduce Stress & Pressure. Build Balance & Wellbeing

Are you…


Gain Clarity & Organisation.

Do you need to…

Overcome Barriers to Performance & Productivity

Sometimes we get stuck.

In order to move forward, sometimes we need to overcome barriers to our performance and our productivity. These barriers can be both practical and psychological in nature. Is there something stopping you from doing the things you really want to do?

Common Psychological barriers to performance and productivity I help with:

Practical Barriers to performance & Productivity I help with:

What clients say…

“Previously I would have been a spontaneous decision-maker. However, I found that these decisions were not necessarily the best or thought out properly. In my time working with Jayson, I have been given a whole new set of tools to help me with this, and the results have been great.”
Entrepreneur, Dublin 6.

Increase Happiness & Wellbeing

Different things make different people happy. In order to Move Forward, we need to have a good understanding of our starting point. Do you have the answers to the following questions?

Better understand yourself and your situation

What clients say…

“I recommend Jayson wholeheartedly – absolutely and without a doubt. I tell everyone about how much he helped me. After I explain about seeing him, that’s when it clicks for them…I’ve changed, I’m happier and more like my ‘old self. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in me. He said it was the best money we’d spent in years.”
Laura Noctor
Entrepreneur – 1905 LLC Ltd.

Gain Clarity & Organization

Better understand where you want to go and who you want to be. Put a plan together to get there. Are you clear about what you want and how you’ll get it?

In order to move forward, we need to know where it is we’re going and develop a plan to get there.

What clients say…

“If you’re stuck or not sure what best next steps to take, this explorative environment is extremely conducive to getting out of the mud. Your ideas can take flight and be converted into tangible and achievable goals. It’s so worth it!.”
Aisling Hennessy
Laya Heathcare

How Coaching Works

Space & Time to Think

“The main body of our work involved unpicking the beliefs that were holding me back…….which lead to the realization that the underlying belief about myself that generates most of my negative self-talk isn’t true!" - Sarah, Facebook


“The sessions themselves were enlightening, sometimes exhausting and always worthwhile. I always felt very comfortable and supported, and sometimes couldn’t believe how much I shared” - Karen, HR manager, Specialist Services

Psychological Tools & Techniques

"I have more tools and techniques in my repertoire now. If I encounter setbacks, or if I get into a pattern of negative thinking again, I have the resources to steer my way out of those roadblocks" – Claire Therese O Gorman

The Best Psychological Tools & Techniques

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