Talks, Workshops and Masterclasses: Overview

Whether you need a quick lunch & learn, or a full half day workshop so you and your team can ‘go deep’ on and issue we have lots of great options for you.


Check out some of the topics I talk about below and you can even watch the full youtube videos of previous talks to give you a feel for my style.

All talks and workshop topics can be delivered as

  • 1 x Hour Lunch and Learn with Q&A
  • 2 x Hour Fully Interactive Workshops
  • Half Day Training ‘Masterclasses’
  • All talks and workshops can also be delivered online (using Zoom) or in person, dependent on your needs..

Slides and a Recording will also be provided to your team

All Talks and workshops are fully interactive.

  • We learn by doing – so as well as sharing the best of psychological theory on each topic you and your team will be put to work a little!
  • Each talk/workshop includes interactive and reflective exercises so you and your team have practical and practised take-aways.
  • Each talk/workshop also includes tips, tools and techniques around the topic as well as in-depth Q&A for any queries your team have on the topic (or anything else you’d like to ask).
  • All talks/workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of specific industries, organisations and situations.
  • Have a specific area or topic you’d like covered – but it’s not in the list below? Let me know – I create bespoke talks and workshops based on specific problems and challneges.



Motivation and you – A formula for motivation 

  • What motivates us? Why are we motivated sometimes – but not others? What do you do when you’re not feeling motivated? 
  • This talk/workshop investigates these questions using classic psychological theories, and will help those who attend address their motivation issues using a simple ‘motivation’ formula and the ‘motivation index. 
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The New Normal & Return to the Workplace – Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Headspace

The Covid Pandemic confronted all of us with fundamental life changes and new challenges. Now, as we approach the return to the workplace and the new normal – new challenges await.

Join us to explore some practical and psychological strategies to help deal with the ‘new normal’. Some aspects and elements of the pandemic are out of our control – however there are psychological strategies that can help to increase happiness and reduce negative emotion

Finding Meaning and Purpose in 2021 

  • Feeling like another cog in a machine? Not sure why you’re doing what your doing? What are having a sense of meaning and purpose? How do we define what’s important? What are the types of goals, activities and actions that give us a sense of meaning and purpose. How can we find meaning and purpose in our everyday lives? 
  •  This workshop addresses these questions as well as outlining three simple strategies to get more meaning and purpose into our personal and professional  lives.
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How to be happier in 2021 and beyond. Wellbeing 101.

  • What makes us happy? Why do the things that I think will make me happy, not make me happy?’. What is ‘Wellbeing’ and how do I get more of it?
  • This talk and workshop looks at these questions, as well as providing your team with a range of practical strategies to improve happiness and wellbeing. ☺
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Procrastination: Sometimes starting is the hardest part……. • 

  • Ever wondered why you avoid or delay doing those things you know you should be doing now?
  • This talk/workshop discusses procrastination – when we avoid doing something, even though we know we’ll regret it later! We all do it – and we’d all like to do it less! 
  • Your team will learn the how and why of procrastination, and how we procrastinate differently depending on our personality’s and situation. Participants will then be brought through multiple strategies, including instant ‘hacks’ to battle and overcome procrastination.
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Stress – What is it and what to do about it! 

  • What actually is stress and why is it so bad for us? This talks discusses the mechanics of stress & its negative effects on our mind, body and performance.
  • Your team will also learn numerous strategies to address the symptoms of stress, and how to pick a strategy that will be most effective for their situation. Sometimes we need to focus on our body, sometimes our mind and sometimes our situation –  this talk will help you make an informed decision and choose a solution that works for you. 
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Workshop Testimonial Quotes 

Really helpful workshop, uncovering myths about why we procrastinateSarah Jade Eveden -Trinity College Dublin

Very Motivational Experience! Practical. Clear. Well presented. Leaving with an action plan so extremely happy Liisa Rodriguez – Greenchair Coaching 

“The workshop hit a nail. The material got me away from fairy-tale thinking to realistic/fact based thinking” –Martina Hauck,  Hertz

Work 1:1

Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology.

Performance Confidence Motivation & Engagement Productivity Procrastination

Development Personal & Professional Decision Making Future Planning Problem Solving

Wellbeing StressBehaviour Change Happiness Work-Life Balance

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Greater Clarity

“The biggest surprise for me was the ability to get things done quickly. Jayson helped me to keep moving in situations in which I would have been stuck due to stubbornness and fear”
Tara- Dublin 2, (Performance, Development and Wellbeing Program for Professionals)

Increased Productivity

“In my time working with Jayson, I have been given a whole new set of tools to help me with this, and the results have been great.”
Finn, Dublin 6, (Entrepreneur Wellbeing Program).

Reduced Stress

“I found Jayson’s approach and overall manner of dealing with me and my issues to be one of the most effective and unimposing I have ever encountered.”
Triona – PhD candidate (Performance, Development and Wellbeing Program for Professionals)


Performance, Development and Wellbeing Psychology


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Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology.

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