Jayson Moran

Jayson is a Coaching Psychologist who trained in TCD and UCC. He helps professionals and entrepreneurs increase their impact & effectiveness by helping them better understand themselves, their goals and what’s getting in the way both psychologically and practically.

His company Jaysonmoran.com helps companies and individuals rise to their challenges, get those important projects over the line, and do so in a way that encourages wellbeing and a leading a full life.

Jayson is a full member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and graduated with honours in Psychology at undergraduate level in Trinity College Dublin, receiving his MA (1st Class Honours) in Applied Coaching & Positive Psychology from University College Cork.

Since graduating he has focused on answering the question of how do we become the person we want to be, and why we often don’t do what we want to do.

Influenced by numerous psychological schools of thought he utilizes evidence-based methodologies such as Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Personality Assessment, Motivational Interviewing and Values Analysis in both his individual coaching work, talks and workshops. Areas of particular interest include procrastination, motivation, confidence, interpersonal relations, stress, productivity, decision making, problem solving, personality and happiness & wellbeing.

He has worked with a wide range of clients from CEO’s, through to higher level management, to early/mid stage entrepreneurs in a wide range of sectors including tech, hospitality and law.

Jayson is qualified in Psychometrics for Personality & Values based Indicators. He is also a committee member of the PSI’s Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology. Additionally, he is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) as well as the Dublin Coaching Circle.

Jayson also teaches his popular online course ‘Practical Psychology: Self Improvement using the best of Psychological Science’ on “How to achieve your goals using psychological theory, tools and techniques” . He also founded and runs the popular Meetup Group “Practical Psychology’ which facilitates talks and discussions around popular psychological topics such as stress, procrastination and happiness/wellbeing.

His paper ‘The effect of expert and similarity heuristics on uptake and adherence in Positive Psychology Interventions‘ focuses on how best to encourage people to try and persist with Positive psychology exercises, and has recently been published by Springer as a book chapter.

His undergraduate dissertation ‘The Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Customer Perceptions of Service and Employee Outcomes in Dublin Restaurants’ received a First Class honours from TCD.

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