Psychologist for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Change your thinking. Change your behaviour. Change your results.

I help entrepreneurs, business owners and high performers gain clarity, eliminate stress and move forward with complete confidence.

Hi, I'm Jayson

Since 2017, I’ve been helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals deal with challenging situations, and to build better lives, businesses, and communities, through enhancing effectiveness, impact & wellbeing.

I use the best of psychological science to help clients explore and better understand themselves, each other, and the practical and psychological barriers reducing effectiveness, impact & wellbeing.

I help clients get unstuck, unstressed and clear through working 1:1, talks & workshops, and wellbeing & development programs.

Work 1:1

Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology

Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops for Business & Corporate

Development & Wellbeing Programs

Personal and professional development and well-being utilising the best of psychological science

Change your thinking, change behaviour, change results.



Move Forward.


Overcome Barriers to Performance & Productivity

Is something holding you back- but you can’t put your finger on what?


Reduce Stress & Pressure. Build Balance & Wellbeing

Are you…


Gain Clarity & Organisation.

Do you need to…

Happier pros are more effective pros!

“The path to happiness is using what you’re good at, to achieve a goal you know is important, in the company of people you love.”

How I help people