Psychology for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Change your thinking. Change your behaviour. Change your results.

I help entrepreneurs, business owners and high performers gain clarity, eliminate stress and move forward with complete confidence.

Hi, I'm Jayson

Since 2017, I’ve been helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals deal with challenging situations, and to build better lives, businesses, and communities, through enhancing effectiveness, impact & wellbeing.

I use the best of psychological science to help clients explore and better understand themselves, each other, and the practical and psychological barriers reducing effectiveness, impact & wellbeing.

I help clients get unstuck, unstressed and clear through working 1:1, talks & workshops, and wellbeing & development programs.

Work 1:1

Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology

Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops for Business & Corporate

Development & Wellbeing Programs

Personal and professional development and well-being utilising the best of psychological science

Change your thinking, change behaviour, change results.



Move Forward.


Overcome Barriers to Performance & Productivity

Is something holding you back- but you can’t put your finger on what?


Reduce Stress & Pressure. Build Balance & Wellbeing

Are you…


Gain Clarity & Organisation.

Do you need to…

Happier pros are more effective pros!

“The path to happiness is using what you’re good at, to achieve a goal you know is important, in the company of people you love.”

How I help people

Feeling Stuck?

Overcome barriers to performance & productivity

Sometimes we get stuck.

In order to move forward, sometimes we need to overcome barriers to our performance and our productivity. These barriers can be both practical and psychological in nature. Is there something stopping you from doing the things you really want to do?

Common Psychological barriers to performance and productivity I help with:

Practical Barriers to performance & Productivity I help with:


Reduce stress and pressure. Build balance and wellbeing

Almost 50% of Entrepreneurs describe themselves as ‘stressed’

We often have to keep a calm face (impression management) despite sleepless nights.

Stress expresses itself in very different ways in different people:

That’s why it’s important to come at stress from multiple angles. I focus on physiological, psychological and problem-solving strategies.

Similarly – different things make different people happy. In order to Move Forward, we need to have a good understanding of our starting point. Do you have the answers to the following questions?


Gain clarity and organisation. Plan the future.

In order to Move Forward, it’s important to be clear on your destination and how to get there.

Are you clear about what you want and how you’ll get it?

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