Practical Psychology: Self Improvement using the Best of Psychological Science.

How to achieve your goals and increase well-being using psychological theory, tools and techniques!

Happiness, Stress, Building Relationships, Confidence, Procrastination, Motivation, Achievement and finding something worth achieving. These are the some of the most common problems of the modern world.

The course aims to leverage the best of psychological science to help participants rise to these challenges. The focus is on achievement, performance, development and wellbeing.

How The Course Works

The course will run for 10 weeks. Each Tuesday evening at 6.30pm there will be a 2 hour online workshop
Each workshop will bring participants through the relevant psychological theory. Then participants are facilitated in putting that theory to practice on their current challenges using evidence based techniques and methodologies.

Once you register for the course the course organiser Jayson Moran (see below for an introduction) will get in touch by email to welcome you, introduce himself, supply the course outline and answer any questions you might have.

If you have any questions about course content or anything else related to the course prior to signing up – feel free to email Jayson at ja*********@gm***.com

Introduction: Me, You, How the course works, and Outline of the Course.

Intro to Positive Psychology: The science of wellbeing and happiness: How to be happier and more productive in 2021.
Positive Psychology continued
Personality: How to use Who you are to get What you want.
Emotional Intelligence: Self and other awareness
Finding Meaning and Purpose: What’s important about what’s important
Goal setting and Balance for Achievement and Motivation
Cognitive Behavioural Theory: How our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviour
Motivation – A Formula
Stress & Conclusion and Review

The Course Comprises 4 Sections

Section A: Introduction and Positive Psychology (Workshops 1 & 2)

Introduces the course and Positive Psychology, the science of wellbeing & happiness.

Section B: Who am I? (Workshops 2 & 3)

Section B aims to make participants more aware of themselves and their nature, using the most valid and reliable measure of personality, and the concept of emotional intelligence.

Section C: Where am I going? What do I want to achieve? And why? (Workshops 4 & 5)

Section C explores the areas of meaning & purpose and effective goal setting. We’ll look at the balance in your life, what’s important and how effective goal setting can get you there – addressing the questions ‘where am I going?’ and ‘why?’.

Section D: What's getting in the way and what to do about it (Workshops 6 - 10)

Section D will cover the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Science. How our thoughts, feeling and emotions influence each other will be explored, as well as outlining techniques and methods to question unhelpful or unrealistic beliefs. Common barriers to achievement such as confidence, procrastination, motivation and stress will be explored and addressed also.

Each workshop is designed to be participative and interactive. As well as an outline of the theory behind each area, participants will be expected to apply the tools and techniques to the challenges in their own lives. For example the personality workshop will involve participants completing a personality assessment and coaching themselves on their results.

Different resources and readings are provided for different levels of ability/interest

• YouTube videos / Blog Posts

• General ‘self-help’ literature

• Academic books

• Journal Article

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