Tara, Dublin 2

I came across Jayson’s work during a very delicate time in my life. Most parts of my life needed to be rebuilt. After an initial chat in which Jayson illustrated the kind of work he does, I decided to go forward with the first session. 

My main issues were finding what to focus on and how to go about it. I didn’t know where to start, and how to stop getting distracted by trying to do everything at once. Jayson helped to figure out what the most important things were, and focusing on them first.

 The first step we took was very simple but very effective – a life balance analysis. Balancing on paper each part of my life had a very powerful effect on me. From there it was much easier to proceed and figure out what was important, and then move forward in each area. 

 The work together was fun and interactive. The different approaches on how to move forward in different areas of life were practical and achievable. I always felt very comfortable during the sessions, which made it easy to relax and focus. Jayson’s approach is highly professional but also quite informal.

The biggest surprise for me was the ability to get things done., and get those things done well and done quickly. Jayson helped me to keep moving in situations in which I would have been stuck due to stubbornness and fear. Within a few weeks, most of my life had changed in a way I wouldn’t have ever considered before. I gained the confidence to apply to college and I’m now at the beginning of my first year.

 I would highly recommend coaching from Jayson because of its effectiveness. I found it a very fast effective process in which progress is visible from session one.

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