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I worked with Jayson shortly after finishing my own coach-training. 

 To coaching Jayson brings his background in psychology, new models and structures which are quite different from my training and background. It was great to learn from some new tools and ways of thinking.

 The main body of our work involved unpicking ‘automatic thoughts’ and self-talk to become more aware of the beliefs that were holding me back. Once we’d identified those beliefs, we then worked on them – which lead to the realization that the underlying belief about myself that generates most of negative self-talk isn’t true! We then developed mechanisms so that I can be more aware/acknowledge negative beliefs when they crop up again. 

 I’d recommend coaching with Jayson to anyone who is open-minded, and willing to self-reflect and try new things. I’d also recommend his coaching to someone who’s done traditional coaching before, and wants a bit more structure for their coaching – he also provides useful materials and information in between sessions.

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