Robert – Trainee Psychotherapist

I was experiencing some issues with negative habits and thought patterns.

Therapy had helped me address underlying cause of the issues, and I felt I had reached a point where I could start to look at everyday life. I now wanted to introduce some more productive patterns and begin to work towards some personal goals. A colleague suggested I try a session with Jayson.

While I was expecting something more formal, I found the experience similar to creative problem solving, like a brainstorming session. Everything was a back and forth discussion about the issues and how to approach them. I found this method very productive and left each session highly motivated and with very real and achievable goals for between the sessions.

If you have issues in your day to day life that are hindering your personal development, or, have a goal you want to achieve but can’t for reasons unknown to you – then I would recommend working with Jayson. The sessions are light hearted and take a positive approach to what can feel like gargantuan problems.

Personally, what surprised me the most is how the habits we develop that we believe to be positive can have negative results and vice versa. Also, life is more about understanding your own unique personality, its strengths and weaknesses, and applying each in the right way in everyday life.

I would recommend trying at least one session because I believe Jayson’s methods and personality will bring someone back for a second. The relaxed and light-hearted approach he uses makes my personal development feel like creative puzzle solving. I leave each session highly motivated, with very achievable goals, and looking forward to the following session and building on what I’ve learned.

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