Karen, HR manager, Specialist Services

(Performance, Development and Wellbeing Program for Professionals)

I approached Jayson as I was experiencing uneasiness with my ‘master’ plan for the future as well as feeling ‘time poor’. I was also struggling to get into an exercise routine I could fit into my life and maintain with a demanding job and home obligations. My overall goal is to be happy, and I was uncomfortable with the uneasiness and struggle I was experiencing. I would have tried coaching sooner only I had a feeling that I should be able to figure this out on my own.

The thing I appreciated most about working with Jayson is his energy, enthusiasm and dedication to helping me to achieve my goals, understand myself and what was holding me back/causing concern/uneasiness.

The sessions themselves were enlightening, sometimes exhausting and always worthwhile. I always felt very comfortable and supported, and sometimes couldn’t believe how much I shared. Sometimes it felt like a lot of work (for both of us). On a few occasions I had a ‘residue’ lingering from the sessions, but I guess this comes with the ‘Aha moments’ and learning more about myself . I realize now that the benefits from coaching are not just in the sessions – but in the time between sessions and thereafter.

The biggest ‘aha moment’ came for me from the values exercise. I realized my values were at odds with the master plan I had made for myself. The result is a change to the master plan that feels a lot more comfortable and importantly, doable. I also discovered I wasn’t valuing my time enough, I learned to delegate more, and identify and avoid time wasters and unnecessary meetings.

I think working with Jayson is perfect for anybody who wants to learn more about themselves. His background in psychology, coaching skills and a lovely calm supportive manner, are a wonderful combination.

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