Finn – Dublin 2 – Entrepreneur

When I first began working with Jayson I was working as a director of a company that I had started 18 months before. While I was working for myself, I was also working a lot by myself, which made me feel alone in my role, which in turn was making me unmotivated, and I was unhappy with my progress. I felt my problem-solving ability in the heat of the moment was lacking and that I was missing some skills, but I didn’t know what exactly. I didn’t try coaching sooner as I was wary of it being a little like counselling or someone just telling me what to do. This was not the case at all.

In terms of the experience I got excited about going to the sessions. I looked forward to setting out targets and issues, and then finding the appropriate tool to deal with them. Previously I would have been a spontaneous decision maker. However, I found that these decisions were not necessarily the best or thought out properly. In my time working with Jayson, I have been given a whole new set of tools to help me with this, and the results have been great. Jayson was very open and easy to converse with. This is in turn gave me the confidence to open up within sessions. I particularly appreciate his ability to take a topic, tool or hypothetical and make it relevant to the issue we were discussing

I would describe coaching as a must for anyone looking to improve themselves. While you will not be given any answers of quick fixes, you will be empowered with a bunch of tools that will help you find the fixes and answers by yourself. I had a series of ‘aha’ moments in which I started to use some of the tools that Jayson had given me. What amazed me was how adaptable all these tools were to all different issues from professional to personal. I use them daily. In a short time, I have seen great improvements in my business and how I run it. Issues that seemed difficult or impossible at one time, now feel manageable. I am confident I will be able to work through them. In turn this has also brought my confidence and self-respect levels up significantly.

Although I see this program working for everyone, I would particularly recommend this to people who are either working for themselves, looking to improve or working towards a goal. I have recommended the program to many people. While I am careful to remind people that this is not counselling, I am 100% confident that if the person attending puts in the effort, they will finish the course a more confident and equipped person.

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