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Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology for Entrepreneurs

Performance Development Wellbeing Psychology for Entrepreneurs

I help Entrepreneurs move from uncertainty, procrastination  & stress – to clarity, momentum & productivity, while  maintaining work-life balance & wellbeing.

Build a better life, business and community, and turn great ideas into reality, leveraging the best psychological techniques.

Better understand yourself, others, and what’s getting in the way.

Change your thinking, change your behaviour, change your results.

Explore. Understand. Move Forward.

Explore.UnderstandMove Forward.


Overcome Barriers to Performance & Productivity

Is something holding you back- but you can’t put your finger on what?

  • Badly Procrastinating. Feeling Guilty or Shame as a result?
  • Lack of motivation? Are you Bored? Listless? Lacking Drive?Crave more Meaning & Purpose in life or work?
  • Time management an issue? Too much to do and not enough time to do it?
  • Lack of Confidence? Are you Doubting yourself & not sure what to do about it?


Reduce Stress & Pressure.

Build Balance & Wellbeing

Are you……

  • Stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? or Worried? Not getting the important things done, or done badly as a result?
  • Do you understand what makes you Happy?
  • Is your work-life balance where it needs to be?
  • Do you need to build Better Personal and Professional Relationships? Reduce conflict? Be more assertive? or better understand other people?


Gain Clarity & Organisation

Do you need to…

  • Make a BIG decision? Are you Feeling unsure, apprehensive, or even excited?
  • Plan effectively? Determine what’s really important? Prioritise? Organise? & get started?
  • Problem solve? Think more creatively. Get unstuck? Overcome Mental blocks

Clarify the way forward and get there quicker.

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How Coaching Works


The Best Psychological Tools & Techniques

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What my clients say:


“If you’re stuck or not sure what best next steps to take, this explorative environment is extremely conducive to getting out of the mud. Your ideas can take flight and be converted into tangible and achievable goals.”

Aisling Hennessy , Laya Healthcare


The biggest surprise for me was the ability to get things done., and get those things done well and done quickly. Within a few weeks, most of my life had changed in a way I wouldn’t have ever considered before. I gained the confidence to apply to college and I’m now at the beginning of my first year.

Tara – Undergraduate – Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin


“He showed me the importance of discipline. He helped me stay motivated and focused on my goals. Overall, it showed me how to get at a better version of myself.”

Steve, Dublin 8. , Hospitality Entrepreneur


“Working with Jayson, I became much more realistic in the demands I placed on myself – which had the surprising effect of increasing my productivity and output. I am now working a much more manageable schedule – and getting a lot more work done as a result.”

Mary Fitzpatrick – PhD Candidate, Major Irish University


“Working with Jayson is perfect for someone considering substantial career/life changes and /or looking for greater self-awareness and purpose. I would recommend Jayson if you are looking to bring fresh ideas, structure and organization to an unresolved life/work issue or opportunity.”

Andrew, Senior Manager, Well Known International Sporting Body


“It’s like something just fell into place or a switch was flicked. I’m getting lab-work done, my sleep is better, my health is better, my work-life balance is much better, and the guilt has gone”.

Mary Fitzpatrick – PhD Candidate, Major Irish University


I’ve changed, I’m happier and more like my ‘old self’. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in me. He said it was the best money we’d spent in years.

Laura Noctor – Entrepreneur , 1905 LLC


The sessions gave me confidence: I successfully applied and passed a series of interviews and got a job I really wanted at Cognizant. Since then, I have successfully applied for jobs at and Facebook. Generally, I also now look at things with a different point of view – I’m much more positive in general!

Simon Chuberre, Facebook


“Working with Jayson will help you to put in place structures, tools, and systems, to better help you manage information and act on it – and as a result be more efficient with your time, be more productive, less overwhelmed and less stressed”

Barry John Daly, English Literature Teacher, Dublin/Bucharest, English Literature Teacher, Dublin/Bucharest
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Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology.

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Explore. Understand. Move Forward.

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