Simon Chuberre – Partners Operations Specialist at Facebook

When I originally went to coaching with Jayson I was working in a restaurant as a bar manager, had just been married and my husband had just started working 9 to 5.

I was determine to take a big change in my life but didn’t know how, what, and was to be honest ‘a little lost’. Also I was feeling really negative about people, and my ability to do things etc…

I booked the sessions out of curiosity more than anything else – a friend of mine had been to coaching and told me the benefits of it.

I found the sessions great! Jayson really put me at ease. Each session focused on a different aspect of my life that I wanted to change, with an interval of two weeks between sessions, in order to process all the information.

The greatest benefit from the sessions was that it gave me confidence: I successfully applied and passed a series of interviews and got a job I really wanted at Cognizant. Since then, I have successfully applied and worked at and now work for Facebook! Generally, I also now look at things with a different point of view – I’m much more positive in general!

I would absolutely recommend coaching with Jayson to others!

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