Mary Fitzpatrick – MSc, PhD

When I began working with Jayson I was doing a PhD shortly after completing my Master’s. It was a particularly stressful period – due to some personal challenges & Covid on top of my research. I was suffering a crisis of confidence and procrastinating. I felt lost – I didn’t know what to do.  I was very stressed. I was putting an awful lot of pressure on myself and feeling guilty. I was thinking “my work’s not good enough, therefore I’m not good enough” and was caught up in perfectionism and fear of failure. 

I approached Jayson to explore what was causing my stress levels, and to return to a productive path on my PhD. 

The process – it’s like having a chat with a friend – accept a friend who knows techniques to help, who doesn’t judge you, and understands the pressure. The program is designed to work around you, your pace and your particular needs and requirements.  

I realized a number of things during the process: 

  • Perfectionism was impeding my performance. 
  • Being kinder to myself, acknowledging that mistakes are allowed (and often required) and that we’re all human will really help my performance and productivity 
  • Guilt was causing my exhaustion – I felt like an imposter. It was a weight around my neck 
  • There was no need to feel guilty – everyone’s journey and pace is different  
  • I needed to slow down to speed up. 

Working with Jayson, I became much more realistic in the demands I placed on myself – which had the surprising effect of increasing my productivity and output. I am now working a much more manageable schedule – and getting a lot more work done as a result. This has the added effect of me not being as exhausted as I was. A lot of this might be down to me being less self-critical. I realized it did not mean I was a failure if my work was not ‘perfect’ – and that I was constantly improving through my hard work. 

I wanted to feel happy in myself again. Confident, grateful, optimistic, energized, motivated, and have self-belief again – and I have to say, that I’ve really come through. I am a much happier person as a result. I never thought I’d enjoy my PhD again. It’s like something just fell into place or a switch was flicked. I’m getting lab-work done, my sleep is better, my health is better, my work-life balance is much better, and the guilt has gone. 

I have recommended working with Jayson to colleagues with similar challenges. Working with Jayson would be perfect for all high achievers who are suffering a crisis of confidence. I particularly recommend it for PhD or Post Grad students, because the sudden change in expectations and pressure can be really challenging.  I also think it would be helpful for anybody going through major change or challenge – such as a change in jobs.

Part of me feels I would have walked out on my PhD if it wasn’t for Jayson.

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