Aisling Hennessy – Laya Healthcare

When I began working with Jayson I was looking for a change in direction and help navigating this new path.

If you are at a point where you are looking for change, are open to exploring the possible avenues, and want to discuss and receive guidance about your goals, then this is the place for you. The work together allowed me to dedicate time and space to focus on my goal of paving a new career path.

Jayson kept us on point and steered us in the most productive directions – ensuring every single session and all offline work were of great benefit. It helped me develop the discipline I so badly needed to keep to the task at hand, and helped steer me in the right direction. It helped me carve out the time and energy to work towards change.

We were able to discuss all possible options. The why/what/who’s etc at length. I also received guidance on how to focus and refine my goal into a tangible and achievable task.

I discovered what it is I don’t want to do, ever again, if I can help it. Self-discovery of what is important to me, and how aligning with my own personal value system is the key to success and happiness in my career.

I would recommend this coaching as I found it a very collaborative, safe, enjoyable, open environment in which to discuss my life as-is and where I would like it to be. If you’re stuck or not sure what best next steps to take, this explorative environment is extremely conducive to getting out of the mud. Your ideas can take flight and be converted into tangible and achievable goals. It’s so worth it!

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