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My name is Jayson Moran. I’m a psychologist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs and professionals move forward. My background is in the psychology of performance, achievement, development and wellbeing. Since 2017 I’ve been helping founders and their companies explore and understand the practical and psychological barriers reducing effectiveness, impact & wellbeing – helping them move forward and build great companies, communities and lives. I help entrepreneurs and professionals move forward in 3 ways.

Overcome Barriers to Performance and Productivity

By helping you overcome barriers to performance and productivity such as procrastination, motivation, stress, confidence and fear using the best of psychological science.

Find Clarity & Create Organization

By facilitating greater clarity and organisation through more effective planning, problem solving, & decision making. I employ and teach a range of evidence based tools, techniques and strategies designed to clarify the way forward and help you get there more quickly.

Create Happiness, Wellbeing & Balance

I also help you, and your team, increase personal and professional wellbeing, happiness & satisfaction. I support clients in increasing positive emotion, building better relationships, finding meaning and purpose, and engaging their strengths to achieve.

“The path to happiness is using what you’re good at, to achieve a goal you know is important, in the company of people you love. Happier pros are also more effective pros”

Jayson Moran
  • Explore. Understand. Move Forward.

Jayson Moran

Jayson is a psychologist who specialises in the psychology of Performance, Achievement, Development and Wellbeing, He has studied Psychology and Coaching Psychology at Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork – and has been helping entrepreneurs and their organizations move forward since 2017.

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Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology.

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Greater Clarity

“The biggest surprise for me was the ability to get things done quickly. Jayson helped me to keep moving in situations in which I would have been stuck due to stubbornness and fear”
Tara- Dublin 2, (Performance, Development and Wellbeing Program for Professionals)

Increased Productivity

“In my time working with Jayson, I have been given a whole new set of tools to help me with this, and the results have been great.”
Finn, Dublin 6, (Entrepreneur Wellbeing Program).

Reduced Stress

“I found Jayson’s approach and overall manner of dealing with me and my issues to be one of the most effective and unimposing I have ever encountered.”
Triona – PhD candidate (Performance, Development and Wellbeing Program for Professionals)


Performance, Development and Wellbeing Psychology


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Performance, Development & Wellbeing Psychology.

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Explore. Understand. Move Forward.

Jayson Moran

Jayson Moran

Psychology for Entrepreneurs & Professionals
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