Laura Noctor – Dublin/New York – Entrepreneur – 1905 LLC ltd.

Having started my own company, I was having problems getting started, reaching out to people, and making sales….due to being overwhelmed with fear. 

 Working with Jayson was life changing both professionally and personally. I really appreciated his calmness and directness (which I requested) – I felt comfortable with him immediately. 

 I loved learning about CBC (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching) and that Jayson taught me how use the method on my own. It’s been an invaluable skill to me not just professionally, but also personally. 

 I was surprised at the root cause of my problems professionally. I had assumed it was because I had been laid off a few years early. Turns out it had nothing to do with that. Thanks to CBC and Jayson’s direction, I was able to work through it.

 I also loved that in total it was only a couple of month’s worth of sessions. Within a month I had the confidence to approach potential business partners,  and reach out to prospective sales leads. As a result, we are now partnered with a large European company and they are official resellers of our software. I went from being unmotivated and working a few hours a week…to working 40 hours and loving it. I am excited to work again!

Working with Jayson would be great for those with  issues at work, or in their  personal life, such as feeling overwhelmed, motivational issues, and stress. It will also help procrastinators, those starting their own business, and those that  need to learn how to be channel their emotions in service of their goals. 

Everyone could benefit from it because I think we are all stressed and overwhelmed, especially these days.

I recommend Jayson wholeheartedly – absolutely and without doubt.  I tell everyone about how much he helped me. After I explain about seeing him, that’s when it clicks for them…I’ve changed, I’m happier and more like my ‘old self’. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in me. He said it was the best money we’d spent in years.

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