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I specialize in helping entrepreneurs & professionals Move Forward.

I help you increase your positive impact on your business, in your company and in your life, by increasing your effectiveness and your wellbeing.

We’ll do this by focusing on three key areas in our coaching and consultations.

Overcome barriers to Performance & Productivity

By helping you overcome barriers to performance and productivity such as procrastination, motivation, stress, confidence and fear using the best of psychological science.


Increase Happiness and Wellbeing – Better understand yourself and your situation

I also help you, and your team, increase personal and professional wellbeing, happiness & satisfaction. I support clients in increasing positive emotion, building better relationships, finding meaning and purpose, and engaging their strengths to achieve.


Gain clarity and organisation

By facilitating greater clarity and organisation through more effective planning, problem solving, & decision making. I employ and teach a range of evidence based tools, techniques and strategies designed to clarify the way forward and help you get there more quickly.


Previously I would have been a spontaneous decision maker. However, I found that these decisions were not necessarily the best or thought out properly.  In my time working with Jayson, I have been given a whole new set of tools to help me with this, and the results have been great.

– Finn – Entrepreneur

Overcome Barriers to Performance & Productivity 

  • Sometimes we get stuck. In order to move forward, sometimes we need to overcome barriers to our performance and our productivity. These barriers can be both practical and psychological in nature. Is there something stopping you from doing the things you really want to do? 

Common Psychological barriers to performance  I help with 

  • Procrastination 
  • Motivation 
  • Stress 
  • Confidence and Fear
  • Boredom and malaise. 
  • Interpersonal issues 
  • Anger 

Practical Barriers to performance I help with 

  • Problem solving 
  • Decision making 
  • Getting Organised 
  • Lack of a plan, habits or routines

“I recommend Jayson wholeheartedly – absolutely and without doubt.  I tell everyone about how much he helped me. After I explain about seeing him, that’s when it clicks for them…I’ve changed, I’m happier and more like my ‘old self’. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in me. He said it was the best money we’d spent in years.”

– Laura Noctor : 1905 LLC Ltd. 

Increase Happiness and Wellbeing

 – Better understand yourself and your situation 

In order to move forward we need to have a good understanding of our starting point. Do you have the answers to the following questions?

What’s important? What motivates you? What makes you happy? What are you afraid of? What do you want?  What do you need? What are your patterns? How is your performance in the important roles in your life/career/business? How happy are we with your situation? How are your relationships? What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

If you’re stuck or not sure what best next steps to take, this explorative environment is extremely conducive to getting out of the mud. Your ideas can take flight and be converted into tangible and achievable goals. It’s so worth it!

Aisling Hennessy – Laya Heathcare 

Gain clarity and organisation.

Better understand where you want to go and who you want to be. 

Are you clear about what you want? Do you know what you need? Do you know who you want or need to be? Are your ambitions in line with what’s important? Are your goals in line with who you are? Do you have a plan in place. Do you know the actions, habits, routines that will get you there? Are you aware of what’s holding you back? 

In order to move forward, we need to know where it is we’re going and develop a plan to get there. 

How coaching works

“The sessions themselves were enlightening, sometimes exhausting and always worthwhile. I always felt very comfortable and supported, and sometimes couldn’t believe how much I shared”
– Karen, HR manager, Specialist Services

“The main body of our work involved unpicking the beliefs that were holding me back…….which lead to the realization that the underlying belief about myself that generates most of negative self-talk isn’t true! We then developed mechanisms so that I can be more aware/acknowledge negative beliefs when they crop up again”,
– Sarah, Facebook

I have more tools and techniques in my repertoire now. If I encounter setbacks, or if I get into a pattern of negative thinking again, I have the resources to steer my way out of those roadblocks.
– Claire Therese O Gorman

The best psychological tools and techniques

“The sessions were an opportunity to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper, and with the help of Jayson’s experience, bring some order and actionable steps to them”
– Andrew -Senior Manager – International Organization

“I found this method very productive and left each session highly motivated and with very real and achievable goals for between the sessions”.
– Robert – Trainee Psychotherapist, Dublin 2



“If you’re stuck or not sure what best next steps to take, this explorative environment is extremely conducive to getting out of the mud. Your ideas can take flight and be converted into tangible and achievable goals.”
– Aisling Hennessy, Laya Health


The biggest surprise for me was the ability to get things done., and get those things done well and done quickly. Within a few weeks, most of my life had changed in a way I wouldn’t have ever considered before. I gained the confidence to apply to college and I’m now at the beginning of my first year.
– Tara – Undergraduate – Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin


“He showed me the importance of discipline. He helped me stay motivated and focused on my goals. “Overall, it showed me how to get at a better version of myself”
– Steve, Dublin 8, Hospitality Entrepreneur,


“Working with Jayson, I became much more realistic in the demands I placed on myself – which had the surprising effect of increasing my productivity and output. I am now working a much more manageable schedule – and getting a lot more work done as a result
– Mary Fitzpatrick – PhD Candidate


Working with Jayson is perfect for someone considering substantial career/life changes and /or looking for greater self-awareness and purpose. I would recommend Jayson if you are looking to bring fresh ideas, structure and organization to an unresolved life/work issue or opportunity
– Andrew -Senior Manager – International Organization


“It’s like something just fell into place or a switch was flicked. I’m getting lab-work done, my sleep is better, my health is better, my work-life balance is much better, and the guilt has gone”.
– Mary Fitzpatrick – PhD Candidate


I’ve changed, I’m happier and more like my ‘old self’. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in me. He said it was the best money we’d spent in years.
– Laura Noctor – Entrepreneur – 1905 LLC


The sessions gave me confidence: I successfully applied and passed a series of interviews and got a job I really wanted at Cognizant. Since then, I have successfully applied for jobs at Indeed.com and Facebook. Generally, I also now look at things with a different point of view – I’m much more positive in general!
– Simon Chuberre – Facebook


Working with Jayson will help you to put in place structures, tools, and systems, to better help you manage information and act on it – and as a result be more efficient with your time, be more productive, less overwhelmed and less stressed.
– Barry John Daly, English Literature Teacher, Dublin/Bucharest

“The path to happiness is using what you’re good at, to achieve a goal you know is important, in the company of people you love. Happier pros are also more effective pros”

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